Medical Eye Patches

Medical eye patches are used to protect the eye from damage and to help in correcting some medical situations. The diagnoses of a problem with the eye, especially in children, generally find both parents and child at a disadvantage. The parents will want to have this medical issue treated while the child is still young to avoid the possibility of rebellious behaviour. Examples of medical issues concerning the eyes that need medical eye patches are Amblyopia, Strabismus, and Lazy eye.

Using a Medical Eye Patch

The medical problems that have been mentioned above will require the patient to wear an eye patch. The patch is needed to block out any light, sight of motion, and wanting to look at things that relate to daily visual activity. This is to help the eye that is in need to function as the healthy eye does. The patch is placed over the good eye, and because the good eye is not being used, it forces the medically ill eye to become stronger so it is able to function as well as the good eye, eventually. This process takes time and patience; which children do not have. The appreciation of needing the treatment does not register as fully as the need to be comfortable. This is where manufacturers have started designing really cool and fun medical eye patches for children.

Patches that were made say 10 years ago, were so bland that children did not like the idea of wearing them to school or even going out of the house. They also did not like to wear them because of the discomfort. Eye patches were made to be worn on the inside of eye glasses which usually touch the eyelash and irritate the eye. They would even cause irritation around the area that touches the skin. For these reasons, children would cheat and not wear their eye patches on a continuous basis; which would slow the correction process of the eye.

Medical Eye Patches Today

eye-patchMedical eye patch manufacturers have found fun and innovative ways to counter the many issues which cause children to not want to wear their eye patch. They have started making the patches with fun cartoon characters, bright colours, and some with flowered patterns, while others are made with themed depictions of favourite toys or movies. The choices are endless, and they are made for both sexes, which is good. Children are able to choose what they like, and parents are only too happy to purchase them because it means they will be worn without any hassle.

The eye patches for glasses are manufactured today to be worn on the front of the glasses, so no more irritation or disturbing of the eye or eyelashes.

They are made with soft leather that is fashioned to block out any ocular disturbance and covered with fun coloured fabrics with even cooler patterns. There is a manufacturer in Australia who definitely knows what works for kids. They make custom eye patches for both children and adults. You only have to send your order with measurements, print preference, and style, and you will be thrilled with the results of your purchase. Adult eye patches need not be the traditional black patch with leather or elastic straps; they are also able to order cool designs as well as the children. So they will look both fashionable and functional in their daily activities.