Leather eye patches

Eye patches have been used for centuries for many different medical problems. The leather eye patch was very fashionable in the past because it lasts longer. It was pliable to manipulation and fit well to the eye. It was able to keep the eye clean from dirt, dust, and debris as well. Because leather was more readily available, it was easier to make eye patches from it.

Leather Material used to Make Eye Patches

leather-eye-patchBecause leather is a manipulative material, you are able to create beautiful designs for custom-made requests. Just imagine a beautiful leather crafted item, and think of what your leather crafted eye patch will be like. The designs are outstanding, and will be conversation pieces anywhere you go.

The materials used are generally animal skin, like the crocodile, cow, and snake which can be made into patches to be worn with eye glasses or without. The choice of a leather eye patch versus a fabric patch is basically that, a matter of choice. The fabric patches are more versatile as they are made from any colour, patterned or designed fabric, while the leather patches are somewhat limited in this regard. They may be dyed into different colours for some versatility, but it is still limited.

Uses of Leather Eye Patches

leatherLeather eye patches are used for any kind of medical issues you may have with your eye. The use of an eye patch is to keep the eye that needs treatment or protection covered. Medical problems include the loss of an eye, cancer, job-related injury to the eye, lazy eye, Amblyopia, and Strabismus. They all require treatment of having to wear an eye patch.

Men prefer the leather eye patch as it speaks to their masculinity. They need the image of being in control and wearing a frilly, or flowery eye patch may not look very professional in the world of work. It is tough to be in a working environment and be taken seriously in a cute eye patch, so leather it is.

Many bikers use leather patches as a way to show how tough they are, while it may very well be possible they genuinely have an eye problem, but the choice of wearing an eye patch that is leather works well with the image.

Wearing a leather eye patch makes a statement, and although it does not have a definite difference to fabric patches, it does serve the purposes for those who use them. Medically, socially, as a fashion statement, as character building, wanting to create an illusion of a particular lifestyle or just wanting to be different; wearing a leather eye patch is cool.